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Courageous K9’s: Meet the Paws of Petro

Courage is the driving force behind all positive change, in our personal lives, in our work lives, and in our communities. It fuels us to do our best work, to do what’s right, to fight for what matters, and to never give up on being better each day. So it’s fitting that we are welcoming…

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Petro Gives Thanks – 2018

November 22, 2018 Petro Gives Thanks Food. Friends. Family. We’re taking some time to give thanks for our blessings. Posted in Better Worklife

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Work Without Borders: Part I

We’re in this Together. Take a look at companies like Google or Facebook. They’ve innovated the workplace and brought about the defining workplace trend of this century. Borders are coming down, and it’s no longer en vogue to work in cubicles. Collaboration is key, and open office spaces have begun to prevail—where there are no…

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