About Center Line®

Center Line® has been a market leader in quarter-turn valves for more than 40 years, and they have earned a reputation as a supplier of superior valves at competitive prices.

Their goal is to exceed industry requirements and customer expectations. They are committed to offering products that meet a wide range of applications and requirements. They continually improve their product line by introducing new products and enhancing existing designs, providing their customers with the best products on the market.

Their complete line of resilient seated butterfly valves provides you with the reliability you need, backed by the guarantee that comes with using valves designed and produced in company-owned manufacturing facilities.

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As a leading distributor of Center Line® valves, let our decades of experience help you locate the exact products you need—from receiving a timely quote to immediate shipping.

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Center Line Butterfly Valve 1

Butterfly Valves

Center Line® Series RS Butterfly Valves


A resilient seated butterfly valve with superior design features and materials of construction to provide repeatable tight shutoff in severe abrasive and corrosive environments for a variety of applications.

Size: 1½ - 56" (DN 40-1400)

Class: 150 (PN 10-16)

Temperature: 14° to +300°F (-10° to +149°C)

Face to Face: All short pattern

Body Types: Wafer w/ Centering Lugs, Wafer, Lugged, Flanged

Center Line Butterfly Valve 2

Butterfly Valves

Center Line® Resilient Seated Butterfly Valves

Single-piece stem design assures even torque distribution and resilient seat provides positive shut off

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