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Pacific® Valves pressure seal bonnet and bolted bonnet valves are made from rugged cast carbon and alloy steels in multi-turn and several check valve configurations. These valves are ideally suited for high pressure steam applications associated with power generation and in refining.

Pacific Valve solutions for HF acid service have been approved for both of the major licensors' specifications for many years. With this critical experience, and now with the addition of the XOMOX® sleeved plug valve for HF acid alkylation service, Pacific is the only supplier with both multi-turn and quarter-turn solutions.

Pacific wedgeplug valves are chosen for delayed coker isolation where the service is not only high temperature, but also presents other valve designs with seating issues when decoking occurs. Because of wedgeplug's unique seating arrangement where the seats are protected from the media in both the seated open and seated closed position, along with the purging options during the opening and closing cycles, there is no other valve with the design and experience combination to handle severe services.

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Pacific® CSV Cast Steel Valves

The new Pacific.CSV valves have been redesigned to improve performance and have undergone Crane’s rigorous development and testing process. These valves exceed industry fugitive emissions standards. Each Pacific valve is uniquely built and tested per API 598 standards, delivering superior performance in the most challenging conditions.

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Gate Valves

Pacific® CSV Cast Steel Gate Valves


Refineries and chemical plants that want to reduce field failures and ensure a smooth operation in both orientations, the new Pacific Cast Steel Valves incorporates a fully guided wedge. These valves also meets the latest API 600 spec, and exceeds API 624 industry fugitive emissions requirements to as low as 20ppm.

Fully guided wedge ensures smooth operation in both horizontal and vertical orientations to deliver improved resistance to sticking.

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Check Valves

Pacific® CSV Cast Steel Swing Check Valves


Refineries and chemical plants that want to minimize flow loss by substantially lowering the power consumption of rotating equipment, the new Swing Check Valve delivers a 30% higher flow than competition. It’s unique design of the Disc Retainer screw helps eliminate the risk of future obstruction or equipment damages.

Disc fastener is restrained by the bonnet to eliminate the risk of a displaced disc and prevent damage to downstream equipment.

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Globe Valves

Pacific® CSV Cast Steel Globe Valves


Refineries and chemical plants that want to prevent field failures resulting from stem bending due to excessive forces acting on discs, a guided disc option is provided to ensure a tight shut-off. These valves also meets the latest API 623 spec, and exceeds API 624 industry fugitive emissions requirements to as low as 20ppm.

Uniquely designed line contact between disc and seat results in lower seating torque, permitting faster set up.

Pacific® Wedgeplug Valves

Wedgeplug valves are well suited to handle difficult services for solids in suspension, product fines, and extremely high temperatures


Plug Valves

Pacific® Wedgeplug Metal Seated Plug Valves


Wedgeplug valves can be specificed with a variety of port openings up to 100% full round port. ASME Classes 150 - 1500


ASME Classes 150-1500.
Temperature from cryogenic to 1650°F (900°C).
Sizes ½ in (15 mm) through 36 in (900 mm).
Plug port of reduced (70%, 90%) and full bore (100%).

Designed to requirements of:

• API 599
• ASME B16.5 flanges
• ASME B16.10 face to face
• ASME B16.34
• Flanged, threaded or butt-welded

Fire tested to API Standard 607, API Standard 6FA and British Standard BS6755.
Materials include WCB, CF8M, C5, C12, WC6, WC9, and Incoloy 800H.
Special configurations and alloys available.

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