Tropical Storm Imelda Hits Houston

TROPICAL STORM IMELDA HITS HOUSTON September 23, 2019 The storm brought its worst to Houston. But we’re thankful that’s when some everyday heroes brought their best. Posted in Videos, Better Worklife

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The People of Petro + The Paws of Petro

THE PEOPLE + THE PAWS OF PETRO Some heroes in law enforcement and the Paws of Petro stopped by to say hi! September 4, 2019 Posted in Paws of Petro, Videos

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Dads of Petro Valve

Dads of Petro Valve June 21, 2019 Toy builds, fatherly advice, and general mischief with the kids. It doesn’t get any more “Dad” than this. Meet the Dads of Petro Valve. Posted in Better Worklife, Videos

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