Vogt 12111 Gate Valves

Get to Know the Vogt 12111

Take a closer look at Vogt gate valves and the Vogt 12111, a class 800 gate valve in A105. And learn more about other Vogt products in our Valve Knowledge Center series.

Video Transcript:

Vogt Gate Valves

Hello, and welcome to Petro Valve’s YouTube. Today we’re going to talk about Vogt gate valves. Gate valves are designed to operate in a fully open or fully closed position. When open, the media will flow with minimal turbulence and pressure drop through the valve. Vogt gate valves are available with a variety of bonnet types, body and trim materials, and stem packings, in addition to a broad range of pressure classes and end connections, including extended bodies. The rugged construction of forged gate valves provides an extended life of safe operation. Metal-to-metal seating surfaces accommodate the widest range of pressure and temperature conditions.

The Vogt 12111

As you can see we’ve got the 12111 pulled up. This is a class 800# gate valve, conventional port, available in full port. However, that does change the figure number to a 13111. Comes in A105 or a variety of different materials. Again, the part number would change at that point. You can see here an engineering cut of the 12111.

Vogt gate valves engineering cut

Additional Specs

If we continue to scroll down within the catalog, you’ll see all of the specs as it comes out. All the sizes and the materials and the drawing as included. These are API 602 and ASME B16.34, and they come in size ranges from ½” all the way up to 2” forged gate valves.

So for all your forged gate valve needs, feel free to contact us or Vogt, and we look forward to seeing you next video. Thanks for watching.

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