Breaking Down Your Vogt Valves Series Numbers

Know Your Vogt Valves Series Numbers

Get started learning more about Vogt Valves in our Valve Knowledge Center series. This video covers Vogt Valve series numbers and what each section indicates about the valve.

Video Transcript:

Hello, and welcome to Petro Valve’s YouTube. Today we are going to be covering Vogt Valve figure numbers. We’re going to go over this so we have a better understanding of how their figure numbers break down, and that will assist you in your searches for Vogt Valves. So let’s go ahead and jump right into it. I’m going to move myself down here and get going.


So the way that Vogt breaks their figure numbers down: we start off with size as the first part. Then we have a prefix. This is going to be your end connections right here in red. So in this case right here, it’s a socket weld by socket weld valve. If you were to see a TSW, that would be a threaded by socket weld valve. If there’s nothing there, then it’s assumed it’s a threaded by threaded valve.

Valve Design and Material

Then we’re going to have the series number of the valve. This is the model of the valve. So a 12111 would be an 800# gate valve. And with the SW, it means it’s a socket weld 800# gate valve made out of A105 body material.


Then we have the suffix here, which is any kind of specials, if you will. So in this case, we have an F8M. We look down here: F8M means 316 trim. So this valve would be a socket weld gate 800# with a 316 trim.

As you can see down here, we’ve got quite a bit of options on these valves. All the different end connections in your prefix descriptions. And all the different types of special add-ers for your suffix descriptions, such as cryogenic extensions or, you know, Monel trim or 13% chromium NACE. Things like that.


So I hope that this helps you. Further videos, we’re going to go into each valve and their properties and what they do and a description. So for example, our 12111, we’ll get a little bit more in depth in future videos.

And I hope you enjoyed this video. This catalog, by the way, this area is in their catalog on their website. We’ll have a link in the description below. So feel free to click on that link and poke around and save that catalog if you would like. And if you need any assistance, always feel free to give us a call. Petro Valve. 713-676-1212. Thank you very much.

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